[Newbies] "Smart Paper"?

Herbert König herbertkoenig at gmx.net
Sun Jul 6 05:28:39 UTC 2008

Hello Rob,

RR> This is going to sound really lame, but do you have any
RR> screenshots you can share?  This sounds like a very useful

I send you a private mail, the lists have limits on the size of posts.

RR> What are you using for your sketches?

The objects from the ObjectCatalog in the World Menu. Lines, Texts
with coloured Backgrounds, Buttons. Here I would like that typing in
the air just creates a text. Have you come across the red Halo buttons
"Show handles" entry for lines (PolygonMorph)?

RR> What features do you use for notes?  Workspaces for typing?
RR>  Connectors?  
Mainly texts, sometimes with border. Usually I copy an existing one
with the green halo button. Connectors where too heavyweight on
computing power when I tried them.

RR> Why 3.6?  Does it have features that have been removed?
3.6 Full is just small and I want an image that starts fast.
Especially in production (physical goods) I encounter quite some
computers with USB1.1.

And I keep 3.6 around because it has "The worlds of Squeak" which
really is a showcase on what is possible with Squeak.



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