[Newbies] Totally dumbfounded!!

Herbert König herbertkoenig at gmx.net
Sun Jul 6 07:31:33 UTC 2008

Hello Rob,

RR> Have you written any "tools" for this?  I have been doing
RR> some of this for very challenging information, but like the "easy

not really.

My QueryBuilder just concats fixed stings with person names, products
and date or time ranges taken from the UI.

RR>  The problem you run into with any type of query grouping is that
RR> you run into the situation where you get the first FIRST ICU time
RR> and the last LAST ICU time in the example above, not the first and
RR> last time for each instance of an an ICU visit.  So,  code works
RR> great for stuff like that, but it would be nice to handle the
RR> initial pull of chart times for a date range in a simple query
RR> designer!  Especially since I am leaving out the joins necessary
RR> to get patient account numbers, etc...!

We can exchange details by private mail. I would not call what I've
done a query designer, but from your example units and patient names
would come from database tables, selected in Squeak ListMorphs.

Time ranges come from a MonthMorph and the necessary joins are fixed
strings. After I've done it, I find it easy.

RR> Just wondering if someone has already done what I am thinking about!

Not sure but let's exchange mail.



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