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Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2001 at
Sun Jul 6 09:28:17 UTC 2008

> El 7/6/08 5:39 AM, "Prashanth Hebbar" <hebbarp at> escribió:
>>  Thanks Edgar. My failure with Flash is due to my own doing (not being
>> persistent) and I remember you had given me some good pointers.
> And like help you and all here.
> I was in the same place six years ago and also I comes from structured world ,
> Pascal , Omnis 3 and Old Classic Mac Toolbox was my background when I
> "discover" Squeak .
> I port my old MorphicGreeting from 3.2 times so could have some ideas to
> develop.
> Stay tuned.
> Edgar

Was easier as I think, I need save the original 3.2 from six years ago first
in 3.8, delete all windows and create the "greeting card" again.
This one was saved and voila, SqueakLight could open without any complain.
I put here a low quality pict, the music was once send to list by Alan and I
bet nobody find cute kitties into his desk as me

The Project with photo and music is 408 k , so is big to save on the swiki,
but I could send to any.

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