[Newbies] more of a general smalltalk question

cdrick cdrick65 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 6 16:28:09 UTC 2008

An idea: learning from source code could be documented too by small "how-to".

For instance to understand how sandstonedb works (which is already
well documented thanks to Ramon) we could imagine that:

HOW-TO-LEARNING SDActiveRecord  "file oodb persistency inspired by
ruby activerecord framework"
-restoring persistent objects

"put a self halt in SDActiveRecord class>>warmUp" (wich is called at
startup for activerecord like objects,
"save and quit". then
"start again the image".
This opens a debugger that will help you understand how persistent
objects are restored... Debugger will open on Mock classes that exists
for test reasons. It will also open on all your active records
(subclasses of SDActiveRecord)

etc etc...

This is a small documentation effort that would be precious. We could
also illlustrate with videos which if we had standard tools could be
done without too much effort (I mean less than getting all done with
text only)...

see: http://www.squeaksource.com/SandstoneDb/

My 2 cents ;)


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