[Newbies] [ANN] SqueakLightII Sunday News !!!

Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2001 at yahoo.com.ar
Sun Jul 6 20:30:53 UTC 2008

To the huge multitude of SqueakLightII (3.11 unofficial) fans I got
Spirograph 3.005.pr of Diego Gomez Deck (2004 originated) as you could see
in the pict.

Still need some polish for fool proof newbies, but is running .

Also I have Aida / Scribo running on SqueakLightII.
And put the loading script on the swiki page.

So , is not vaporware and begins to show people could have a smaller ,
modular image and choices about how he/she wish grow.

In the process I learning a lot about the art of put the worms again in the
same can as they live some time ago :=)

As example , for proper loading my in Ladrillos version EToys-edc.29.mcz
needs load ScriptEditorMorph , TwoWayScrollPane and
ZoomAndScrollControllerMorph before.

My in the way 7189PackagesUniversesGlue.6.cs could "discover" this and
intelligent load the classes from ftp.

No panic, I only put four classes for show the idea of classes repository I
have from 2005 is working.

If I have authorization, could put all stuff I have in
ftp://squeakros.atspace.com/squeakros.atspace.com/CompressedClasses/ "3.8"

But wait, some classes from past was very weird designed.

See by example TileMorph initialize , you should have three morphs  and run
a commented out method...

The only fast solution I see is made a EtoysReload.sar with all the stuff


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