[Newbies] Application data management

cdrick cdrick65 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 10 08:51:18 UTC 2008


> Hi,
> I am thinking of how application data is best persisted in squeak apps.
> Probably I have problems in distinguishing the Squeak "platform" and  my
> Application.
> If I see my application as a part of squeak, then I guess there's no need
> for custom resource management - as soon as a user does "save.." all is
> saved automatically, including my app data (here its just a list of
> filenames).

filenames ?

The squeal image is a kind of cache. It can be used to save but it
shouldn't as not always reliable, threadsafe, etc...
There's plenty of option for persistence. One I tried recently is
Sandstone (in squeaksource), it's an active record like persistence
solution that save objects into files.

But there are plenty of persistence solution. Depends on your need.
> Is that the intended way? Or is "Save..." intended for developing only? Gee
> squeak is really different.
> Otherwise, I could do it all manually, persist my data to
> somehomedir/.myappdata

What kind of data ? records, objects...

> How can I get the current user home?

home directory ?  FileDirectory default


> Thanks for your comments.
> Felix
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