[Newbies] Unique class names?

David Mitchell david.mitchell at gmail.com
Sun Jul 13 12:31:54 UTC 2008

> so class names must be unique in the system?

> How do people organize things then? Do I just choose some funnky prefix and
> _hope_ that noone else chose the same one?
Some do. Not a bad idea for frameworks. This can make code look ugly.

The other approach is optimistic. Choose the best name you can until
there is a conflict. When a conflict with another package happens,
rename one or both. This leads to refactoring (perhaps even at the
end-user level).

> Are there conventions?

> Is the Squeak community happy with this approach?
Squeak 4.0 is planned to be based on Spoon. That will mean the Naiad
module system.
Goran proposed a really lightweight namespace system.
Gulik also has a namespace system for his Secure Squeak project.

Changing things requires more than discontent with the current
approach. It requires leadership and a solution that makes people
willing to change to the new approach. Adding namespaces hasn't
crossed that hurdle yet.

> Lots of small simple questions. Thanks for any answer.
> Felix
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