[Newbies] Left-arrow for assignment

Giuseppe Luigi Punzi Ruiz glpunzi at lordzealon.com
Tue Jul 15 18:56:43 UTC 2008

I have Shout installed and I see, the := instead left arrow.

I can see, on World > Preferences > Preference Browser, under  
'browsing' category, an option called..


I don't know if this is the option, but If I enable it, My ':=' are  
changed to '_', not to left arrow.


El 15/07/2008, a las 19:58, beginners- 
request at lists.squeakfoundation.org escribió:

>> ndeed, using '_' for assignment seems repugnant to a lot of people.
>> Some of the debate in the previous swiki link focused on this aspect,
>> and the issues in having '_' have such a non-standard meaning in
>> Squeak,
>> as well as the need to use '_' in circumstances other than  
>> assignment.
>> Maybe left-arrow could be internally represented as
>> ':=', filed-out as ':=', etc, but displayed as left-arrow according  
>> to
>> preferences. Additionally, a key-binding could be used for inserting
>> the
>> left-arrow while typing.
>> I'm not sure what kinds of issues this would raise in how source
>> code is
>> represented; I recall someone saying that the representation would
>> have
>> to change significantly for this to work. But perhaps there's an easy
>> way to do it?
> If you use Shout this is exactly how it is working.
> - Bert -

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