[Newbies] Troubleshooting headless running of RFB

John Chandler morph at growler.net
Tue Jul 15 22:48:42 UTC 2008

I installed the RFB (vnc viewer/server) package on my Debian server,
to which I don't have console access.  There appears to be a problem
with it, because the connection is refused.

I loaded the package on my laptop, started the server, and verified
that I could connect to it with Chicken of the VNC.  I did not stop
the server, I saved the changes with a slightly altered name, and
scp'd the image and changes files that had that altered name over to
the Debian machine.

I started squeak with the command,

     nohup squeak -headless ~/squeaks/*image &

(in the directory, "squeaks," there are two files, the image and the

This process appears to be running.  "ps -ef" shows:

     squeakvm -headless [~]/squeaks/Squeak3.9-final-7067_RFB.image  

When I use Chicken to try to start a session, changing only the
hostname (which is a raw IP address), I get a "connection refused"

I have been told by this ISP that they are not blocking port 5900, and
I ran in.telnetd in debug mode on port 5900 and got a connection, so
it appears that this is true.  The nohup.out file is still zero
length.  Are there any other log files that might be informative?  Is
there something that netstat would reveal about whether the RFB app
came up properly and is actually listening on 5900?  Any other clues?


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