code Critics 'don't check again' optiion? (was [Newbies] isKindOf considered questionable)

Lukas Renggli renggli at
Mon Jul 21 10:25:47 UTC 2008

>  If there is interest, I could include the basic functionality into RB
>  itself. I think that would be much cleaner and easier to use.

The latest RB (Refactoring-Core-lr.5.mcz) integrates the functionality
to ignore certain SmallLint rules in particular methods. Contrary to
the original RB implementation it uses pragmas that are persistent
with the method. The original RB used a global dictionary that was not
tracked by versioning systems.

If the rule 'Messages sent but not implemented' should be ignored for
a particular method add the following pragma:

	<lint: 'Messages sent but not implemented'>

Normally you also want to add some more information about your rationale:

	<lint: 'Messages sent but not implemented' rationale: 'We are doing
metaprogramming trickery here' author: 'Lukas Renggli'>

Contrary to my original implementation in the Essential package don't
put a symbol to identify the rule (that doesn't work without changing
a whole lot of RB), but just the title that also appears in the result

Furthermore I added several new rules to Lint: This is to detect not
categorized methods, violations to the Law of Demeter and
unconditional recursion. These rules were also formerly part of the
Essential package and can now be used from the standard RB tools.


Lukas Renggli

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