[Newbies] underscore / left-arrow query

Kel Graham kel.graham at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 15:05:24 UTC 2008


when i first started using squeak a couple of years ago, the assignment
operator was displayed as a left arrow, which i really like. it looks very
clean to my eyes (better to me than the pascal like := syntax).

in my current image, a seaside 2.8-530 image, in workspaces etc, i don't get
my lovely left arrow when I assign variables; just a regular underscore.

is it now considered bad form to use the left arrow, or can I set this in
preferences somewhere such that my underscore is converted to an exciting
left-arrow? if it's bad form or broken, i'll mend my ways.

I tried to search for preference settings, but without joy. Google had an
unreasonably high noise ratio as well.

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