[Newbies] Explorer and MessageTally [was: remembering variables]

peter h meadows phm at sdf.lonestar.org
Thu Jun 5 09:13:38 UTC 2008

I found something explaining the TracingMessagesBrowser and it works in 
the FunImage, but I still can't install it in any other image.

"When you browse Squeak code, one of the browsers you will invariably use 
VERY frequently is a Methods browser.  This browser appears whenever you 
browse "senders" or "implementors" of a method, or references to a class 
or variable, among other things.  It is a two-paned browser, methods list 
in the upper-pane, code in the lower-pane.

  So just keep exploring code normally, the next time you use senders or 
implementors (something any Smalltalker does about 1000 times per day) you 
will see the Tracing Messages Browser.

  These browsers look the same initially, but by having the "traceMessages" 
preference set, they take on enhanced behavior as you "trace" method 
calls.  The SqueakMap entry describes it well:

  "I look like a standard methods browser with methods in the upper pane, 
code in the lower. As you browse senders and implementors, the upper pane 
is built into a "stack" rather than opening new method browsers, reducing 
window profileration. Implementors are indented below the currently 
selected method, senders are outdented above. You end up with a flow of 
the execution of methods across multiple classes all in one place.  The 
stack is quickly customized by easy-removal of unwanted methods. First, 
the upper pane is multi-select, and can handle rapid, sweeping gestures of 
the mouse without dropping selections (shift+clicking is also supported). 
Once methods are selected, you can quickly remove them (just from the 
browser) with otherwise unused Command+f."

  I think this browser has saved me years of closing windows. "

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