[Newbies] Explorer and MessageTally

Herbert König herbertkoenig at gmx.net
Thu Jun 5 15:22:23 UTC 2008

Hello Randal,

RLS> Unless I'm missing something, I quickly stopped using it because it
RLS> didn't let me *choose* which method to follow in either the senders
RLS> or implementors like a standard browser does.  I often look at a method,
RLS> see a few methods I don't totally get, and ask for *senders* of them
RLS> not implementors.  So it's the wrong direction for me.

this is just the opposite of what I experience. When I press the senders
or implementors button in TMB I get a popup with all possible senders
and implementors. The method I'm in being the topmost.

There was a version where only Alt m or Alr n (windows) in a
Refactoring browser would bring up TMB while the buttons there would
call up the standard tool but this was fixed soon.

I'm still using 3.8.2 though and TMB is one of my most often used



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