[Newbies] Prolog and squeak

cdrick cdrick65 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 7 11:30:11 UTC 2008


What is the "best way" to use Prolog in squeak today ?

- Prolog in squeak map seems broken in since 3.7. I tried loading, but
I could solve the different problems (seems related to the parser used
that is not based on SmallCC)
- SOUL is said to be based on Prolog for squeak. So I loaded the last
package (actually Primitives-KGb.0.1.mcz and SOUL-KGb.0.3.mcz). Is
there a way to use SOUL as Prolog (I haven't learned much about it). I
have the impression the primitive package can be where to start as it
isolate all the logic independant to SOUL and LiQuor
- Maybe using an external Prolog, so how to make the two system communicate ?



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