[Newbies] Creating a coverflow effect in Squeak

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Mon Jun 16 13:29:34 UTC 2008

On 15.06.2008, at 00:18, Ross Boylan wrote:
> If I understand correctly, Tweak would be more amenable to my original
> plans.  I think Seaside also does something similar.  Am I on the  
> right
> track?


> A complication is that what I've rendered as "waitForUserSelection" is
> covering up several distinct events: a click on a list, a couple  
> button
> presses, or an entry in a text field.  In the "Morphic" approach I can
> set each of these to a different callback.  In the Tweak approach,  
> do I
> need to decode the event I get from waitForUserSelection?  The  
> original
> tweak memo has "button waitUntil: #click", but I have several possible
> events.

You can wait for any number of events simultaneously.

- Bert -

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