code Critics 'don't check again' optiion? (was [Newbies] isKindOf considered questionable)

squeak414 at squeak414 at
Mon Jun 23 07:56:06 UTC 2008

Quoting stan shepherd <squeak414 at>:


> >
> > It is considered bad when isKindOf: is used in the following
> > way:
> >
> > (anObject isKindOf: String) ifTrue: [anObject size]
> >
> > It is good design to let an object decide what to do when it
> > recieves a message, rather than using isKindOf: to decide
> > whether you should send an object one message and not another.
> > The reason being that, someone may want to use a different kind
> > of object that respects the String protocol.
> >
> > Objects are better classified by what messages they respond to,
> > not what class they may be.
> >
> > For unit tests, this is a good use for it, though.


Once you have established that the signaled message is not in fact an error, is
it possible to tell code critics not to signal that message for that code in
subsequent runs?


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