[Newbies] Detecting keyboard state / finding older fixes

squeak414 at free.fr squeak414 at free.fr
Sat Mar 1 18:03:21 UTC 2008

(resend, as previously not subscribed and message blocked waiting

I'm using my qwerty/azerty keyboard for input to a game. The issue is that when
you press and hold a key, you receive repeats of the key press from the
operating system. I'd like to check the real position of a key, up or down, so I
can ignore the repeats. I can't find any way to do this.

There is a reference here
http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.lang.smalltalk.squeak.general/4034 to a fix
to do this, but the links:
Are all dead; they date from 2002.

Is there a way in the current version to do what I need, or is there a more
recent archive of fixes that I'm missing?


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