[Newbies] Headless Squeak on Redhat - HELP!

albegadeep albegadeep at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 4 00:16:43 UTC 2008

I have a small (P3) server running Redhat, and I'm
trying to get Squeak running on it. Since there's no
monitor, and the graphics subsystem isn't started in
the usual runlevel, I need to run Squeak headless.

I put image and change file into a directory (read,
write, owned by user A) that should copy a couple of
files when run, using Smalltalk addToStartUpList:
MyClass. I load it up in Windows, and it works fine.

I load it in Linux:
[root at myserver A]# squeak -headless

The cursor goes to the next line, and nothing happens.

Any idea what's going wrong? How do I correct it? I
will happily furnish any other info or troubleshooting
that is needed.


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