[Newbies] RectangleMorph vs. BlobMorph

polishookm polishookm at mail.montclair.edu
Mon Mar 10 03:49:59 UTC 2008

I'm running Squeak3.9-final-7067.image

> What image are you using? It works on my image (Croquet) using
> BlobMorphs, although updating the blobmorphs takes 100% cpu, the
> image is still responsive

>> polishookm wrote:
>>> When I run following passages (first the code marked 1st, then the code 
>>> marked 2nd, and last, the code marked 3rd),     1st: 100 RectangleMorphs 
>>> draw to the screen
>>>    2nd: they change position
>>>    3rd: they disappear.
>>> If I use BlobMorph instead of RectangleMorph, both Squeak and my computer 
>>> freeze. Other than the obvious (don't do this with BlobMorph!), why is 
>>> RectangleMorph ok in this circumstance whereas BlobMorph isn't.

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