[Newbies] Nested Intervals

Peter Stewart peterstewart at telus.net
Fri Mar 14 14:26:37 UTC 2008

            Thanks Bert. You did not misunderstand my question. I'm very new
to squeak and

 find it a lot of fun. I'm having trouble with syntax and I haven't found
examples that help me.

In this method, 'numerators', 'determinant' is a Matrix. I want this method,
'numerators', to make three matrices from 'determinant', 

replacing successive columns (k) with the elements in an OrderedCollection
('constants') Then add these

matrices to an OrderedCollection ('numerators') and return that


When I inspect the 'numerators' returned, it contains a single Matrix, each
column of which is filled with the replacement 

column. I tried the Matrix class instance method called "column at: put:".
It put the new column in the wrong place, 

spread across two columns, and left all the other elements 'nil'

I'd appreciate any help on this. Thanks


The instance variables are all assigned values in the 'initialize' method.


Object subclass: #Structure

            instanceVariableNames: 'determinant constants data denominator
numerators size'  

            classVariableNames: ''

            poolDictionaries: ''

            category: 'Sim-Model'




            | tempMatrix  |


            "determinant is a Matrix. constants is an OrderedCollection."


            numerators := OrderedCollection new.

            tempMatrix := determinant.


            (1 to: size) do: [ :k |

                        (1 to: size) do: [ :row |

                                    (1 to: size) do: [ :column | (tempMatrix
at: row at: k put: (constants at: row))

(numerators add: tempMatrix)




            ^ numerators.


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