[Newbies] Help with Curl

Giovanni Corriga giovanni at corriga.net
Sun Mar 16 23:39:09 UTC 2008

Leon Smith ha scritto:
> Yes it was your excellent site: Jazz Programming. I really appreciate the
> examples and in depth explanations. Sorry for not giving you attribution,
> the bookmarks were on my office PC and I was at home and didn't want to
> search right then.

Thank you. I'm counting on resuming adding contents very soon.

> I have moved on to another task I had which was learning Swazoo / Aida. I
> will have to come back to this issue later, but thanks for the advice. So
> far recompiling the VM has been problematic with errors in some plugins
> related to graphics. The VM itself builds fine. I just don't have the time
> right now to go down that road.

There's no need to recompile all the VM; just rebuilding the sources for 
the plugin should be enough.
I read in another message of yours that you were trying to build an RWS 
client; I would be much interested in something like that to complement 
the work I'm doing to create an APP (Atom Publishing Protocol) server.



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