[Newbies] Omnibrowser help

David Röthlisberger squeak at c3com.ch
Tue Mar 18 14:59:18 UTC 2008

> Are there some tips/documentation somewhere on getting the most out of 
> the OmniBrowser?  

I suggest to have a look at this paper, it is dedicated to user and developers of 

 > The MulitpleSelection browser looks interesting (sort
> of like the tabbed browser in VisualWorks), but I don't quite understand 
> its behaviour and what method it decides to show in which pane when you 
> move around or save changes.

I'm actually right now working on a documentation for this browser, it should be 
finished soon.

> On the same topic, can anyone point me toward how I could add a new item 
> to the class context menu in the OmniBrowser?  I want to add a new 
> template selection menu item (like "new class template" and "new trait 
> template") because I have created a method that creates TWO classes at 
> the same time for an Aida application (A domain model class AND its 
> associated WebApp class).

First, create a subclass of OBCommand. Then you need to implement at least the 
methods #execute, #label and #isActive (have a look at eg. OBCmdNewClassTemplate). 
Finally, you can add a method called eg. 'cmdAIDATemplate' to OBCodeBrowser or a 
subclass of it. It is important that this method starts with 'cmd'. When you then 
start a new system browser, the command should be available (if #isActive answers 
true for the selected class).


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