[Newbies] SBE and Squeak versions out-of-sync?

David Finlayson dfinlayson at usgs.gov
Sat Mar 29 05:02:50 UTC 2008

I'm on vacation and learning Smalltalk is how I'm spending my evenings
(family is young and goes to bed early). I downloaded a copy of Squeak
by Example (Version 2008-3-10) and the latest squeak for OS X:

Squeak3.9-7067mac vm 3.8.18beta1U

With the recommended dev-image:


Considering the date of the most recent update to the book, I was
surprised (and very confused by) a number of major differences between
the Squeak image described in the book and the one on my computer.
I've waisted a lot of my spare time trying to figure out what the heck
is going on. The main problems are differences between the World menu
(completely reorganized, apparently), expert vs novice mode (no "Do
it" in novice mode but this was the default mode) and what looks like
some major changes in the System Browser (for example, the need for
packages before defining a class, the lack of a second window for
editing class comments, etc.

Right now, I can't define a new method as described in Section 2.2 the
method template doesn't show up when I click on -- all -- in the
protocols pane.  Doubtless it is user error, but I'd like to get back
on track (maybe I downloaded something I shouldn't have?). Any

I checked the on-line errata for the book and it does not mention any
of these interface changes I'm seeing. Thought that I would post here
rather than waist more time flailing around.

Sorry so long winded.


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