[Newbies] SBE and Squeak versions out-of-sync?

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at stonehenge.com
Sat Mar 29 06:21:00 UTC 2008

Its unfortunate that even on the second edition of SBE, this bug still  
hasn't been corrected, I see. The book examples are all from the  
*release* version of 3.9, even though the book indicates (incorrectly)  
that you should use Damien's dev image. Get the standard squeak  
release and all will be well, and maybe the *third* SBE will fix this  

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On Mar 28, 2008, at 10:02 PM, "David Finlayson" <dfinlayson at usgs.gov>  

> I'm on vacation and learning Smalltalk is how I'm spending my evenings
> (family is young and goes to bed early). I downloaded a copy of Squeak
> by Example (Version 2008-3-10) and the latest squeak for OS X:
> Squeak3.9-7067mac vm 3.8.18beta1U
> With the recommended dev-image:
> sq3.9.1-7075dev08.03.1
> Considering the date of the most recent update to the book, I was
> surprised (and very confused by) a number of major differences between
> the Squeak image described in the book and the one on my computer.
> I've waisted a lot of my spare time trying to figure out what the heck
> is going on. The main problems are differences between the World menu
> (completely reorganized, apparently), expert vs novice mode (no "Do
> it" in novice mode but this was the default mode) and what looks like
> some major changes in the System Browser (for example, the need for
> packages before defining a class, the lack of a second window for
> editing class comments, etc.
> Right now, I can't define a new method as described in Section 2.2 the
> method template doesn't show up when I click on -- all -- in the
> protocols pane.  Doubtless it is user error, but I'd like to get back
> on track (maybe I downloaded something I shouldn't have?). Any
> suggestions?
> I checked the on-line errata for the book and it does not mention any
> of these interface changes I'm seeing. Thought that I would post here
> rather than waist more time flailing around.
> Sorry so long winded.
> David
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