[Newbies] task for squeak?

sergio sergio at village-buzz.com
Sat Nov 1 01:20:17 UTC 2008

i am really excited about using smalltalk in some of my day to day  
programming tasks.. it seems like even for quickie utility projects,  
it might be a good tool ..

i have been asked to write some scripts that massage some adobe  
indesign xml files and cull some information and draw some conclusions  
about them..

the beauty is, it only has to read them, not write or edit them... so  
the i would just slurp them up, and apply some processing to them..  
and spit out some stats.. maybe to a web interface..

aside from figuring out how to get squeak to slurp up a file like this  
into memory.. does squeak have good xml traversing libraries, and does  
this sound like a feasible tool?


photographer, journalist, visionary

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