[Newbies] formatting keyword messages

Mark Volkmann mark at ociweb.com
Sun Nov 2 14:27:28 UTC 2008

I'm reading "Smalltalk Best Practice Patterns". The pattern "Indented  
Control Flow" recommends putting each keyword on a separated line,  
indented with a tab. I like that for long messages, but this one  
example annoys me.

		at: 5
		put: #abc

Earlier the author explains the how conserving vertical space  
increases readability. This example contradicts that advice.
Also, it just seem so verbose compared to the Java equivalent of  
"array[5] = "abc";".

Do experienced Smalltalkers really like this formatting for short  
messages like at:put: or is the following preferred?

	array at:5 put: #abc

Mark Volkmann

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