[Newbies] formatting keyword messages

David Mitchell david.mitchell at gmail.com
Sun Nov 2 15:07:41 UTC 2008

I don't think the Beck formatting patterns are perfect, but I use them
because they are very good and very simple. That seems consistent with
the design of the Smalltalk language, which values simplicity and
consistency over exceptions (for example, the lack of special
precedence rules even for mathematical message sends).

On Sun, Nov 2, 2008 at 8:27 AM, Mark Volkmann <mark at ociweb.com> wrote:
> I'm reading "Smalltalk Best Practice Patterns". The pattern "Indented
> Control Flow" recommends putting each keyword on a separated line, indented
> with a tab. I like that for long messages, but this one example annoys me.
>        array
>                at: 5
>                put: #abc
> Earlier the author explains the how conserving vertical space increases
> readability. This example contradicts that advice.
> Also, it just seem so verbose compared to the Java equivalent of "array[5] =
> "abc";".
> Do experienced Smalltalkers really like this formatting for short messages
> like at:put: or is the following preferred?
>        array at:5 put: #abc
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