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 Hi Mark,

Thanks for your advice. But the behavior I experience seems not to depend on extent:. 
Let me show an example:

1.) a := TextMorph borderedPrototype. a openInWorld.
2.) b := TextMorph borderedPrototype. b newContents: ''; openInWorld.

1.) shows a text 'abc' with big font. When getting focus you will see a big cursor. You may start to change it.
2.) shows nothing. When getting focus you will see a small cursor. And when you start to change it you will see small font text.

This does not change when you add b extent: 100 at 100.

There is an additional observation. If you take code snippet 1.) and edit it you will loose vertical size of cursor and text when you walk from 1 character to 0 character and 1 character again. But pay attention: this is true for character deletion with the Del-key. It is not true for the Backspace-key.

If anyone can give me a clue on this I would be grateful. You may find my TimesTable app on SqueakSource.

Kind regards

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> On Nov 3, 2008, at 4:51 PM, pascal.vollmer at wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I write a times table application for children: a question, an  
> > equals sign, an answer. For the answer field I would like to see a  
> > TextMorph. It should be empty, prepared for big size figures and  
> > with a big size cursor waiting for input.
> >
> > I tested TextMorph>>borderedPrototype the contents of which is  
> > initialized to 'abc'. Now, when I change 'abc' to an empty string...  
> > cursor size is reduced and the first figure that is typed by the  
> > user will be small size.
> >
> > Why this different behavior?
> I think the issue is that if you want the TextMorph to be larger than  
> the text inside it (in your case none), you have to set its extent.  
> Here's some code that works for me. Note how I set the extent height  
> of "textField" based on the font size of the StringMorph. I set the  
> extent width to a fixed value of 100 pixels.
> 	spaceBetweenMorphs := 10.
> 	spaceInsideContainer := 10.
> 	container := Morph new.
> 	container
> 		layoutPolicy: TableLayout new;
> 		listDirection: #leftToRight;
> 		hResizing: #shrinkWrap;
> 		vResizing: #shrinkWrap;
> 		layoutInset: spaceInsideContainer;
> 		cellInset: spaceBetweenMorphs;
> 		width: 200.
> 	label := StringMorph contents: 'I''m a label.'.
> 	font := label font.
> 	margin := 4.
> 	height := font lineGrid + (margin * 2).
> 	container addMorphBack: label.
> 	textField := TextFieldMorph new.
> 	textField extent: 100 at height. "text doesn't display if insufficient  
> height"
> 	container addMorphBack: textField.
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