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Gauland, Michael Michael.Gauland at airways.co.nz
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Thanks for the tip--that's really a good way to get a feel for how things behave. 

For anyone else interested in this thread, I'll also pass on a couple of pages I found helpful:


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Hello Michael,

GM> I've done some poking around with TableLayout, and I'm
GM> starting to get a feel for how it works. One that I haven't
GM> puzzled out is how to make a morph (I'm using a TextMorph inside a
GM> BorderedMorph) expand and contract as its containing morph (in my
GM> case, another BorderedMorph) is resized.  Any advice on this would
GM> be appreciated.

the inner Morph must have its childLayout horizontalResizing set to
#spaceFill. same with verticalResizing.

I never know this when I need it, so I take a rectangle and an
EllipseMorph from the object catalog, put the ellipse inside the
rectangle (red halo, embed into) and then I play with both Morphs
layout options.

Don't forget to pin both Morphs Menus to the screen.



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