[Newbies] Lint, SwaLint

pascal.vollmer at nexgo.de pascal.vollmer at nexgo.de
Tue Nov 11 22:45:21 UTC 2008


I try to check my code with Lint. I work with damien cassou's Squeak-dev image (sq3.10.2-7179dev08.10.2).

Method #1: I use the OB Package Browser and activate Lint by selecting package/open/code critics
-result- I get a Lint window saying "All checks on Smalltalk (searching)" and I am not able to select more than one rule neither to let lint analyze my code

Method #2: I try to download SwaLint from HPI and load it via Monticello
-result- I get a warning window saying "This package depends on the following classes:
  MultipleSelectionModel" and I do not see right now where to get this class.

What is your experience? Does Lint or SwaLint work? Is there anything wrong with the way I apply those tools? I found those tools very helpful in the past and I had them working well in a former image...


Pascal Vollmer
Email: pascal.vollmer at ieee.org

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