[Newbies] Newbie Image Blowout

Tony Giaccone tony at giaccone.org
Sat Nov 22 12:35:36 UTC 2008

Ok so this is kind of a Seaside Question, but also kind of a Newb  
question. I'm going to ask it here because I think it's mostly a  
newbie problem.

I created a seaside app, that seemed to hang the smalltalk process.   
When I hit the URL the page never rendered, and the image seemed to  
freeze up.

In fact it brought my Mac pretty much to it's knees. I assume some  
kind of infinite loop sucked up all the swap space.

Subsequent restarts of the image showed the same behavior.

In the end I seem to have ended up corrupting my image, by forcing a  
quit in the middle of a save that was taking forever.

So now when I try to restart my Squeak/Seaside image, I get the message:

	Read failed or premature end of Image file.

after that image, the Squeak process crashes.

I think I'm kind of in a bad place. I've done development over the  
course of several days.   Have I lost all that work? Is there any kind  
of journal file that might have changes to the image?  How badly am I  
toasted when my image goes south like this? Should I be making copies  
of the image as an additional protection strategy?

Tony Giaccone

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