[Newbies] Hi there! (and my first problem)

Filip Malczak filet00 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 23 13:10:59 UTC 2008

Hi, Im Filip, and Im new at squeak. Ive read 'Squeak by example', and now I
try to make my first program. Ive already written in Pascal and a bit
(really small bit) of C. Im from Poland, so my english can by not realy

Now time for my problem:
I wanna write a program to write notes on stave (for music). Later Im gonna
add translating notes into tabulatures for guitar, and later - for flute.
But I begin with just notes.
I started from creating object 'Pieciolinia' which is stave (in polish).
Then I found out I need some tool to change metrum (Im not sure if its the
same in english and polish, its speed of song, written on begining of stave,
just after treble clef). So I made class 'TempoButton' which is expected to
contain 3 smaller buttons: gora, dol & strzalka. gora is top number of
metrum, dol - bottom number and strzalka is button to show a list of usual
metrums (you click it and you have a list). gora and dol should open
FillInTheBlank and change itself captions to what is written by user, and
strzalka should open a PopUpMenu with list of some metrums.
Then I created class 'SkladowyButton' which is my version of Basic Button (I
wasnt able to find out how to handle with it, so I tried to create new one.
And I could make up my own outlook for button).
Ive written some methods, but when I try to execute (do it with ctrl+d):

but:=TempoButton new.
but drawOn: World.

I have debugger as on zrzut1.jpg (I send it).

I send whole category (I fileOut'ed it with yellow button on Browser) 'Nuty'
(it means 'Notes' in PL).

I would be really pleased if anyone would try to help me. I dont expect you
to give the whole code, but to show where is problem and what I should
change. I just wanna learn (on school I do Pascal, and I know that on
studies (next year) Im gonna start with Java and objects, so I try to

Oh, and last thing: I use Squeak added to Ubuntu 8.10 (ver 3.9). Of course I
work on this Linux. I know that it propably wont mean anything important,
cause I work on VM, but better to write too much than too little ;)

GG: 2486889
mail: filet00 at gmail.com
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