[Newbies] Hi there! (and my first problem)

Michael van der Gulik mikevdg at gmail.com
Sun Nov 23 20:53:37 UTC 2008

On Mon, Nov 24, 2008 at 2:10 AM, Filip Malczak <filet00 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi, Im Filip, and Im new at squeak. Ive read 'Squeak by example', and now I
> try to make my first program. Ive already written in Pascal and a bit
> (really small bit) of C. Im from Poland, so my english can by not realy
> good.
> Now time for my problem:
> I wanna write a program to write notes on stave (for music). Later Im gonna
> add translating notes into tabulatures for guitar, and later - for flute.
> But I begin with just notes.
> I started from creating object 'Pieciolinia' which is stave (in polish).
> Then I found out I need some tool to change metrum (Im not sure if its the
> same in english and polish, its speed of song, written on begining of stave,
> just after treble clef). So I made class 'TempoButton' which is expected to
> contain 3 smaller buttons: gora, dol & strzalka. gora is top number of
> metrum, dol - bottom number and strzalka is button to show a list of usual
> metrums (you click it and you have a list). gora and dol should open
> FillInTheBlank and change itself captions to what is written by user, and
> strzalka should open a PopUpMenu with list of some metrums.
> Then I created class 'SkladowyButton' which is my version of Basic Button
> (I wasnt able to find out how to handle with it, so I tried to create new
> one. And I could make up my own outlook for button).
> Ive written some methods, but when I try to execute (do it with ctrl+d):
> but:=TempoButton new.
> but drawOn: World.
> I have debugger as on zrzut1.jpg (I send it).
> I send whole category (I fileOut'ed it with yellow button on Browser)
> 'Nuty' (it means 'Notes' in PL).
> I would be really pleased if anyone would try to help me. I dont expect you
> to give the whole code, but to show where is problem and what I should
> change. I just wanna learn (on school I do Pascal, and I know that on
> studies (next year) Im gonna start with Java and objects, so I try to
> learn).
> Oh, and last thing: I use Squeak added to Ubuntu 8.10 (ver 3.9). Of course
> I work on this Linux. I know that it propably wont mean anything important,
> cause I work on VM, but better to write too much than too little ;)

Hi Filip.

I don't see the screenshot attached to your email. Did you forget it, or is
GMail being lame for me?


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