[Newbies] Re: SimpleSliderMorph target setting question.

Jerome Peace peace_the_dreamer at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 24 02:24:14 UTC 2008

[Newbies] SimpleSliderMorph target setting question.

>Tim Patti timpatti at yahoo.com 
>Fri Nov 21 01:34:21 UTC 2008 
>Hi all,  I've been stuck for a couple of days on trying to figure out how to
>properly set the target and setValueSelector of a SimpleSliderMorph.  My
>intended target is an instance of a class that I created in the workspace and
>I assume the setValueSelector is what I use to send the value to a method in
>my instance of the class.
See Torsten Bergmann's note for a progammatic way to set things.

For a one off, in the field testing, sort of way...
For classes with morphic representations you can:
grab a slider from the parts bin
Bring up its halo.
Select the red menu.
Make it stay up.
Set the action selector to 'setTurns:'.
Set the maximum and minimum range.
Set truncation on to avoid fractional values. 
Sight target to select a target.*

*(If you are not offered this option,
 then you are using a sqeauk earlier than 3.9
without some essential targeting fixes. 
If thats the case Torsten's methods will still work.)


>si := SecondaryCoil. "make an instance of the class"
>si setTurns:10."set the turns to 10"
>Transcript show: si getTurns."print the turns"
>The above code works in the workspace and transcript, but I cannot figure out
>how to point the SimpleSliderMorph target to my instance si.  Tried all kind
>of combinations with no luck.

In the workspace you can create the slider

mySlider :=
SimpleSliderMorph new openCenteredInWorld .

mySlider target: si

alternately from the workspace menu 
check the box for
'create textual references to dropped morphs'.
Then drag your slider over and drop it on the window.

>I'd like to be able to use the slider to set the turns of the coil in my
>instance of SecondaryCoil.
>I have 4 books on Squeak but I must me missing something obvious here.


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