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Alex Chi alex_chi99 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 24 19:52:30 UTC 2008

Hi Herbert,

Sorry for not being so clear. I'm trying to design a GUI using input field where user will input their name and the other part of the GUI is like another text field to display all the list of user input. 
Let's say user input name: Lisa and hit enter button, 
the GUI will display: 
List of user: 

If another user type in their name for example: Joan, then the screen will display:
List of user:

I write the method on the enter button to display the text but the text is always replacing the old one instead of append it to the next line. Do you have any advise how to make this work? Thanks in advance.



Hello Alex,

AC> I am trying to design my first GUI using text editor and
AC> input field. But I'm a bit confuse on how to append the user input
AC> text to text editor in the next line without replacing the current
AC> value of text editor.

this is not clear to me.

AC> Basically I'm trying to list all the user input from input
AC> field to the text editor, for example:

AC> List of guest writer:
AC> Lisa Lewis
AC> Bert Hall
AC> Sonya Gayle

This looks like you want to use a PluggableListMorph.
Search this list or the swiki for PluggableMorphsDemo.pr

AC> Can I use WriteStream in my text editor method? Please give
AC> me some enlightenment. Thank you.

Actually I do not understand what you mean by a text editor. But yes
for adding together lots of Strings Streams are a fast way.

But your example looks like you want a Collection of Strings.

If this doesn't help, please give some more examples.

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