[Newbies] (drawing) doesNotUnderstand fillRectangle

Filip Malczak filet00 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 26 15:48:28 UTC 2008

I continue working on my stave-and-tabulature program(some older, but not
very older version is in one of last mails). And I still cant really draw my
object. Its rectangle (subclass of RectangleMorph) with submorph StringMorph
- just a easy button. Here I have its drawOn:

drawOn: aCanvas
super drawOn: aCanvas.
label:=self findA: StringMorph.
label center: self center.
label drawOn: self.

When I try to

but:=TempoButton new.
but drawOn: World.

in Workspace and doIt, I have debugger with:


So I think it goes up in superclass chain, and finds out drawOn: of Morph,
but for some reason it doesnt really understands it. Why?
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mail: filet00 at gmail.com
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