[Newbies] Porting an old app to a recent image

Matthias Korn matthias.korn at uni-siegen.de
Mon Oct 13 10:32:09 UTC 2008

Wow! That's great. I managed to fileIn the class now. They did quite a
lot of this variable saving stuff...

Am Fri, 10 Oct 2008 13:24:09 -0700
schrieb Yoshiki Ohshima <yoshiki at vpri.org>:

> > ScratchFrameMorph class-readPaintSkinFrom.st
>   Cool, it is a fun class to work on.  I tried to file it in to 3.10.2
> and did get the Syntax Error panel properly.

How do you get the "Syntax Error panel"? Is that a special tool? I'm
only getting the debugger where I navigated to the message you told


> The trouble seems to me that in the following part and after, variable
> "n" is used but it is a block local variables in the previous blocks.
> ------------------------------
> 			n _ root, part.
> ------------------------------
> which is in:
> ------------------
> 	"resizeable button/typein forms"
> 	#(paintUtilityButton) do: [:root |
> 		#(Left Middle Right) do: [:part |
> 			n _ root, part.
> 			pressed _ root, part, 'Pressed'.
> 			ScratchSkin at: n asSymbol put: (Utilities
> form: n from: aDirectory). root ~= #typein ifTrue: [
> 				ScratchSkin at: pressed asSymbol put:
> (Utilities form: pressed from: aDirectory)]]]. ------------------
> If you look at the Syntax Error window, there is "out of scope ->"
> indication in front of "n".  In the older image like the MIT Squeak,
> it was forgiven but not anymore in the newer images.
> So, rename the variable n in that part to something else and it should
> be fine.
> -- Yoshiki

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