[Newbies] Problem filing out change set

Chris Kermiet k1 at indra.com
Wed Oct 15 06:23:25 UTC 2008

Hi, Folks --
    I'm new to this list. I'm learning squeak by by creating some artsy 
objects which create designs according to mathematical algorithms (based 
on Schillinger's Mathematical Basis of the Arts).  It seemed like a good 
idea to add the constant Phi to the Float class to keep from 
recalculating it. (Phi is the Golden Ratio -- the limit ratio of the 
Fibonacci series.)

    Now, when I try to file out my change set, I get the error message:

/"An instance variable was added to class Float and it is not copied in 
the method veryDeepCopyWith:
Please rewrite it to handle all instance variables.
See DeepCopier class comment."/

When I look at the DeepCopier class comment, I have no clue what I'm 
supposed to do. Does this new instance variable need to be copied 
somewhere? When the class Float was recompiled, shouldn't that have 
added the new class variable to the appropriate dictionary? The instance 
variable is referenced from the class side:

    "Answer the constant, Phi."
    ^ Phi

in exactly the same way as pi or any of the other constants initialized 
in the Float class. Does it need to be copied somewhere else?

In addition, this error message seems unnecessarily vague. Please 
rewrite "it" -- what does "it" refer to? The instance variable (phi), 
the Float class, the veryDeepCopyWith: method? Or the class variable 
(Phi)? When I look carefully at all of these, none of them look like 
they should need rewriting.

Unless I should do (just a guess):

    Float veryDeepCopyWith: phi

in a workspace. But I'd like to know why before I try it. Anyone have 
any ideas on this? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

--Chris Kermiet

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