[Newbies] image with Scamper?

Greg Buchholz sleepingsquirrel at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 25 14:12:41 UTC 2008

    The last time I toyed with Squeak (about 2 years ago), it came with a web browser.  When I just downloaded the latest Squeak release from squeak.org, it didn't come with a browser, so I tried using SqueakMap to install Scamper.  It warned me about not being compatible, but I went ahead and continued with the installation.  Of course it didn't work, complaining about a missing "parse" method.  So I'm wondering if anyone has an easy fix for getting Scamper (or another internal) web browser to work with the latest Squeak, or if someone knows where an older image resides with Scamper on it.  I couldn't find older images on squeak.org, is there a repository of previous squeak releases that I've overlooked?


Greg Buchholz


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