[Newbies] Alternative input devices, like wiimote?

Rick van der Zwet rick at wzoeterwoude.net
Tue Oct 28 23:41:09 UTC 2008

Dear Squeakkers *,

Been searching around the archives about the use of alternative input
devices to navigate around in Squeak and interact with the objects
apart from the mouse, but could not find much details information on
the mailing lists apart from some old 2004 posts on the UI list and
some partially working joystick interpretation.

Before diving into the code, could some-one give a clue where to look
for or give me some hint whether it is going to be possible or not?

Interest is founded due the fact I am a Computer Science student doing
a Human Computer Interaction course/project at LIACS Leiden
University. We would like to build an alternative way on navigating
trough 2d/3d, based on a Wii Remote (wiimote) and Wii Balance Board.

We are in our particular evaluating Croquet, which is based on Squeak.
But as input device handling seems a more 'low level', the squeak
beginners list should be the right place to start :-)

Thanks in advance!
* correct me if I am wrong, but I could not find a Squeak people group
nickname anywhere.


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