[Newbies] Morphic Layout

Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2001 at yahoo.com.ar
Thu Oct 30 10:14:59 UTC 2008

El 10/29/08 5:32 PM, "Gauland, Michael" <Michael.Gauland at airways.co.nz>

> Can anyone help me learn the Œmodern¹ way of laying out morphs? I¹m trying to
> create a stack-based (ŒRPN¹) calculate in Squeak (more as a way of learning
> the language and environment than because the world needs another calculator).
> I¹ve been digging through ŒSqueak: Open Personal Computing and Multimedia²,
> which is a bit dated. The section on Morphic recommends using
> ŒAlignmentMorph¹, but the comments for this class (in Squeak 3.10) suggest it
> is no longer needed.
> So, what is the best way to layout a set of morphs? At least for now, all I
> need is a grid of buttons, that will look sensible when the parent calculator
> morph is resized.
> Thanks in advance,
> Mike

Building a Calculator was done as tutorial.....

Check http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/5791

Sorry I don't have time to complete the "bad english" version, bud some
pictures in original work sure was enough for smart newbies.

And AligmentMorph is long, long , long time obsolete and no project using it
should born in XXI century.


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