[Newbies] Re: What do the symbols, next to methods, in the OmniBrowser system browser mean?

Rainer Maassen rainer.maassen at schleswig-holstein.de
Sat Sep 20 13:51:27 UTC 2008

Andy Burnett schrieb:
> I have only just started to use the OB based browser and I can't find 
> much in the way of documentation.  Looking through the methods, and 
> their hierarchy it seems as though the following applies:
>     * Nothing: new method in this chain, i.e. the method could exist in
>       other classes but not in this particular chain of inheritance.
>     * Upward orange triangle: method is inherited and overridden in this
>       class
>     * Downward orange triangle: method is overridden in a subclass
>     * Two orange triangles (up and down): overrides and is overridden in
>       a subclass
>     * Green up arrow: calls the same method in its super class
>     * Blue triangle: Self should not implement or subClassResponsibility
>     * Green plus: don't know, can't work this one out
>     * Red flag: has a halt message in the code
>     * Spanner: shows that the code needs to be returned to, i.e. under
>       construction
> So, is my understanding correct?  What does the green plus symbol mean, 
> and... is there anyway to get the browser to display all the methods an 
> object responds too, i.e. its fully inherited list?

Have a look to




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