[Newbies] method naming advice

John McKeon p3anoman at gmail.com
Fri Sep 26 19:42:12 UTC 2008

One newbie to another - YES LOL  Just kidding

If it were me.....I would look for something already in Squeak - like 
XMLElement  in the XML-Parser category - and either use it straight out 
of the box or subclass it. (Notice it already has attributeAt: 
attributeName put: attributeValue)

Just my two cents.

Mark Volkmann wrote:
> I hope I'm not exceeding the limit for questions in one day.
> I'm porting some Java code that deals with XML to Smalltalk. A Java 
> class has these methods.
>     public StartTagWAX attr(String name, Object value) ...
>     public StartTagWAX attr(String prefix, String name, Object value) ...
> What would be good Smalltalk names for these methods?
> Here's my first guess.
> attrName:value:
> attrPrefix:name:value:
> Note that I don't really have a new to create Attr objects. I just 
> need data describing an attribute so I can output it.
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> Mark Volkmann
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