[Newbies] Re: Tools flap icon order

Zulq Alam me at zulq.net
Sat Sep 27 11:28:38 UTC 2008

Hi Mark,

Not sure if this is the best way but you can change the order of the 
tools flap by modifying Flaps(class)>>#defaultsQuadsDefiningToolsFlap. 
When you are done do: "Flaps replaceToolsFlap".

Note that the current order may not match the defaults defined in 
#defaultsQuadsDefiningToolsFlap. I suspect this is because the flap 
object has evolved to it's current state. This was the case in my image.


Mark Volkmann wrote:
> Is there an easy way to change the order of the buttons on the Tools flap?
> It seems like they should either be in alphabetical order or in order by 
> how frequently they are used.
> To my beginner eyes it doesn't seem that either is the case since 
> Browser is at the bottom.
> ---
> Mark Volkmann

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