[Newbies] Re: Removing 'dead' instances

Andy Burnett andy.burnett at knowinnovation.com
Mon Sep 29 01:18:35 UTC 2008

<<< Randal said...
Setting "each" to "nil" there does nothing, since you aren't
updating the object that was originally in "each".

<< Marcus said...
This is a pretty common misconception. It seems to come up once a month. I
wonder why - mostly it's not people who are new to programming, who I would
expect to be unfamiliar with the distinction between an object or value and
the location it is stored in.>>

I was wondering exactly that myself. After my 'doh!' moment, when Randal
explained what I was doing wrong, I was trying to work out why I had made
the mistake. The conclusion I came to was that I was becoming so used to
sending messages to objects, that I had confused myself into thinking that I
was somehow sending 'become nil' to the object stored in :each.

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