[Newbies] Setting up squeak on Ubuntu

Jerome Peace peace_the_dreamer at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 9 03:09:42 UTC 2009

I finally found the first things that worked.

Installing Squeak on Ubuntu

>From the Ubuntu menu (top leftmost icon)
Select the last item: Add/Remove

The application window opens:
Show: all available applications.

In the search box type: squeak

You get one option from www.squeak.org.
(It rates two stars. We have not made a big dent in the outer world. Sigh.)

Check the box next to it.

Press the apply changes button at the bottom left.

Give permission to install squeak despite its copyright restrictions

Give your administrative password when asked.

It downloads five packages 
One to deal with binformat
The other four are the vm (today I got 3.9.3 and a 3.9 sources and change and image files based on sq 7067).

Under the application menu>education I now have two choices 
one for etoys which I installed before and the other 
for squeak.
I also have one choice in the application menu>programming.
If I click gently on the educational menu (as opposed to dragging thru the menu to the submenu) the sub menu stays up.

Then I can go and right (or middle?) click on the squeak item and be offered a launcher on the desktop.

I can get properties for the launcher.
Select the launcher tab,
then modify the selection.
Which I do by giving it a file name relative to my home folder.

Actually I give it the filename of a link in my home folder which points to the right image. Later I can change which image I mean by changing the link. As long as a link is named what the launcher expects I don't have to change the launcher.

To clear the desktop I just moved the launcher into a different folder.
The squeak shell script explains the options and such so I found and studied that.


Thats about it.
By some clever manipulation of the launchers I can sub the images I want for the standard image.

I still have most of my ignorance intact. Though I expect to be losing it bit by bit to the school of hard knocks.

Its not obvious where things will be stored when saved. So far text from saved workspaces turn up as files in the directories of the original image not the links.

It seems to me when squeak saves something it should at least report back what it saved where. 

Thank everybody for their clues. I haven't used all of them yet but the time will come.

Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace


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