[Newbies] Confirmation when saving, from Setting up squeak on Ubuntu thread

Jerome Peace peace_the_dreamer at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 10 05:44:02 UTC 2009

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> On Friday 10 April 2009 7:27:06 am Jerome Peace wrote:
> > The most often encountered slip is to save a change
> set or a project in a
> > new directory or a directory from which all other
> change sets of the same
> > name have been removed. You get a Changeset.1.cs which
> you probably already
> > have somewhere. This is not what you want but how do
> you know that's what
> > you got?
> It is, indeed, confusing for people who switch between
> Squeak and the 
> underlying hosts to stumble on such 'impedance
> mismatch'. The File I/O 
> subsystem is not one of Squeak's best parts. It has
> very set ideas about file 
> paths :-(.
> Squeak was conceived to be an environment in itself and not
> an application. So 
> saving and loading is like exporting and importing objects
> to/from a remote 
> file store. Object names will get mangled when saved on
> host file volumes. If 
> you switch directories between invocations, Squeak will not
> recover 
> gracefully.
Yes, and every user learns this eventually. I don't know how to make squeak graceful. I do expect it will help to make the user aware when it is not. (Or even when it is. Its would allow for restful sleep :)

> Apologies for misunderstanding your original post,

No problem. Thanks for a opportunity to explain further. --Jer

> Subbu
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