[Newbies] Parsing and splitting file contents

Enno ennoausberlin at mac.com
Sat Aug 29 14:00:35 UTC 2009


might helpful

Am 29.08.2009 um 15:48 schrieb r00t uk <r00tuk at gmail.com>:

> Ok, I am new to smalltalk.  I have tried browsing and searching for  
> methods related to parsing and splitting file contents based on a  
> delimiter, but I am not having much success. :(  Old google is not  
> helping either so I can only assume that I am missing something  
> "obvious".
> I am reading a tab delimited file into a string.  I want to iterate  
> through this string and split by tab, or any other defined value  
> (, . | # tab, cr, etc.), delimiter into substrings which are  
> assigned to a Collection (Array, Dictionary, Bag, etc.), or instant  
> variables.
> I was hoping there was going to be something like:
> Bag := FileStream collect: [:x | split: crlf].
> Dictionary := Bag collect: [:x | split: tab].
> Does that make any sense?  Basically create Bag with contents of  
> FileStream split by crlf and then split Bag elements by tab into key  
> value pairs.
> Again, I am surprised by the lack of examples demonstrating to  
> newbies how to perform basic operations such as this.  I know it is  
> not the smalltalk way of learning, but it does raise the bar for  
> making progress.  The language may be easy, but finding which  
> methods to use to solve problems is a bit laborious.
> Thanks in advance.
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