[Newbies] Expected menu items not there

Herbert König herbertkoenig at gmx.net
Wed Dec 16 07:25:31 UTC 2009

Hi Tim,

TR> I was deliberately avoiding loading a new image, because I was worried
TR> the same problem might recur when I had more to lose! So I was keen to
TR> get at what the actual problem was.

just as a bit of reassurement, Squeak saves anything you accepted in
the .changes file. Even the doIts. So you really have to kill your
changes file to loose source.

If you haven't reached the Monticello part yet (Squeak's source code
versioning system), here is a simple way to save your source:

In each of the top Browser panes the right click menu (Windows) has a
"fileout" item to save the method, the whole method category or the
class or the whole class category. This depends on the pane you

One method to get source back (also into a fresh image):

From the World Menu (open) or the Tools Flap you get a FileList. If
you select a .st file you get the option to file it in or to browse
the code.

If you select the .changes file you get the option to select recent
changes. Which you then can browse and selectively file in.

So actually it's harder to loose source in Squeak than in non
Smalltalk systems.

Which does not say that "noviceMode" not being "novice programmer
mode" is at least confusing :-))



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