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Overcomer Man overcomer.man at gmail.com
Wed Dec 16 09:29:30 UTC 2009

I have XY data I want displayed in a graphic window which I can print to
compare with the drawing I manually entered it from before using it.  I
think I can handle the Pen class but I haven't any idea how to read the data
in from a file.

The FileStream class comment is obsolete in Cuis:

To use the file system for most applications, you typically create a
FileStream. This is done by sending a message to a FileDirectory (file:,
oldFile:, newFile:, rename:newName:) which creates an instance of me.
Accesses to the file are then done via my instance.

FileDirectory file: 'c:/drill.txt' generates walkback as does oldFile:.

The closest thing I found to something that works is FileStream
readOnlyFileNamed: 'c:/drill.txt'.  That inspected produces a
StandardFileStream with nothing in its collection.  A similar command in
Croquet seems to show it looking at some subdirectory that I didn't specify
which doesn't have the file.  How does one correctly do basic file reading
and writing?  Thanks.
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